120,000 fetuses incinerated each year in hospitals (FOREM)

Algeria – President of the National Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Research Development (FOREM), Mustapha Khiati, states that "10% aborted fetuses are mainly exposed to the process of incineration by hospitals that prefer to dispose of it in this way.

The President of the FOREM unveiled to Ennahar TV the figures concerning early pregnancies while questioning the hospital practices concerning the fetus died born and neonates died.
"Nearly 120,000 fetuses are incinerated annually in hospitals," he lamented.
Pr Khiati indicates that embryos are human remains that are supposed to be buried, especially with regard to embryos, but many hospitals resort to incineration, which is contrary to the precepts of Islam.

According to the president of FOREM, the fetus must be buried once it reaches 12 weeks, while insisting on the organization of the burial to avoid the problem of incineration.
The president of FOREM also deplores the cremation
human pieces and amputated limbs estimated at 5 thousand members according to the figures of FOREM.

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