132 veterinary doctors mobilized in Algiers to control slaughter operations

Algeria_ The services of the Veterinary Inspectorate of the wilaya of Algiers mobilized 132 veterinary doctors to ensure the control of the slaughter operations on the day of Eid el Adha, through all slaughterhouses of Algiers In addition to the mobile veterinary teams that will crisscross the major cities to control the meat sacrificed animals, it was reported Tuesday, the veterinary inspector of the wilaya of Algiers ad interim, Mustapha Mebarki.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Mebarki said that during the permanence, veterinary doctors will monitor the slaughter of animals and meat, through all slaughterhouses of Hussein Dey, Eucalyptus, El Harrach and Zeralda. The Veterinary Inspectorate of Algiers wilaya will work in coordination with the National Institute of Veterinary Medicine to distribute flyers and circulars containing guidance on the slaughter operation and warnings against the dangers associated with hydatid cyst .

Veterinary surgeons have already carried out the control of livestock at the various sales outlets in Algiers, which this year has close to 70 authorized outlets, the number of which is set to increase from next week, according to the even responsible. Last year the number of animals sacrificed (cattle and sheep) in the slaughterhouses of the capital had reached 3760 head, and the amount of red meat was estimated at 10,172.09 tons, against 5145.22 tons of white meat, it is specified

Source: APS

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