14 companies are interested in gas marketing (video)

Algeria – Fourteen companies from different countries have expressed interest in launching a partnership with Sonatrach for the exploration and marketing of gas.

The CEO of Sonatrach reiterates his ambitions to "expand" gas exploration and marketing for the development of production in the framework of a partnership with other countries. "We have 14 companies and 14 countries that have expressed their desire for the creation of a partnership with the group Sonatrach ", said Ould Kadour.

"14 companies on the list of contenders for the realization of a mixed society," he reiterated.

Ould Kadour also indicated that Sontrach plans to launch a partnership to boost development in the field of petrochemicals in Algeria. "Sontrach is in discussions with the US giant ExxonMobil, which is aiming for a partnership in the petrochemical industry."

Sonatrach wants to ensure the continuity of its management. In this regard, Ould Kaddour, announces that Sonatrach will launch a training program "200 Top Young" in management.

Indeed, he points out in this context that "it is a program limited in time to six months and which is intended to train young people to managerial cultures.

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