145 people rescued since early 2018

Algeria – An awareness campaign on the risks of carbon monoxide asphyxiation was launched in the wilaya of Medea, where the civil protection agents rescued 145 people during 90 interventions operated since the beginning of the year, Friday revealed this body.

Only one death was recorded among this high number of people exposed to carbon monoxide or burned gas emissions, most of them caused by faulty appliances (hot water or heating) or lack of ventilation. , it was stated.

In order to reduce this type of domestic accidents, very frequent during this winter period, a campaign of prevention and awareness on the risks of carbon monoxide asphyxia has been launched at the level of the wilaya, mobilizing the all operational units of civil protection, Lieutenant Karim Benfahsi said.

In addition to organizing days for the benefit of citizens, caravans prevention and information will travel during this campaign, which will extend until the end of March, the 64 municipalities of the wilaya, targeting priority is given to educational and training establishments, he added.

According to this officer, the prevention program will affect more than 200 educational structures at all levels, as well as all vocational training centers and institutes of higher education, to enable these students, trainees and transmit, in turn, the instructions and safety rules to their entourage, it was reported.


شارك هاذا المقال !

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