19 dead and more than 300 wounded in one week

Nineteen people died and 333 others were injured in 260 road accidents in one week in different urban areas, a report from the National Security Service said on Thursday.

The human factor remains the main cause of these accidents (non-compliance with the safety distance, speeding and driving fatigue), in addition to other factors related to the condition of vehicles and the environment, says the same source.

To this end, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) calls on road users to exercise caution and vigilance when driving, to comply with the Highway Code and to avoid excessive traffic. speed, without forgetting to subject vehicles to regular control to preserve the lives and safety of road users.

The DGSN also reminds the number 15-48 and the emergency number (17) made available to citizens 24 hours a day to receive reports.

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