2 cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Higher Education and the HCA

Algeria – The Ministry of National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women signed, Sunday in Algiers, two cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Office of the High Commissioner for the Amazigh (HCA) to update and develop programs for the care of people with special needs, the elderly and the abused woman.

The signing of these two conventions took place on the occasion of the organization of a national seminar on "institutional care guides" in the presence of the Minister of National Solidarity, Ghania Eddalia, the Minister of Higher Education, Tahar Hadjar, and HCA Secretary General, Si El Hachemi Assad.

In a statement to the press after the signing ceremony, Mrs. Eddalia indicated that her ministerial department aimed, through these two conventions, to update and develop the content of the educational programs adopted by the centers. care for vulnerable groups, such as psychopedagogical centers for children with disabilities and centers for the elderly, and this "in order to broaden the care, reduce its cost and improve its performance".

"We strive to promote the results of scientific research produced by institutions of higher education and scientific research, especially in the branches of sociology and psychology, and to take advantage of it for the development of educational programs and pedagogical in order to do without imported programs, "she said mentioning, moreover, the opportunity to provide researchers with training spaces in the field.

The Minister also reported on the continued work for the translation of these programs for the benefit of Amazigh-speaking citizens and educators in the areas speaking this language and the simplification and development of social care.

For his part, Mr. Hadjar said that this signature, which falls within the framework of "government coordination and solidarity", was intended to facilitate actions to support large segments of society, all the more so as this management requires the combination of the efforts of the different sectors and to bring the university closer to society by establishing a "solid" cooperative relationship between the two in accordance with the national programs of scientific research.

For his part, Mr. Assad reaffirmed the commitment of his body to continue the joint action between the various sectors for the generalization of Tamazight in accordance with the guidelines of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, highlighting the the importance of translating the content of the programs adopted by the Ministry of National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women, welcoming, in this respect, the translation of the dictionary of Algerian sign language into the Amazigh language.

In addition to the organization of practical workshops, this national seminar on institutional care guides is also marked by the presentation of several papers on methods and mechanisms for developing guides for people with needs. the elderly, women who are abused and in distress.


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