2nd audition of Kamel Chikhi: "The Butcher" and Brazil … Sea, Steak and Sun! (3rd part and end)

Algeria – Continuation and end of the report of the daily Ennahar, published on November 14, on the statements of Kamel Chikhi, aka "The Butcher" at his 2nd hearing before the judge of instruction of the specialized section of the Tribunal de Sidi M'Hamed

It is during an exhibition of Brazilian products at the Embassy of Brazil in Algiers that "Le Boucher" takes its first steps in the Brazilian market. Several operators from this country, as well as well-known Algerian businessmen and operators were present.

Thus "Le Boucher" meets a Lebanese businessman named "Chihab Mohamed". "He was the representative of Menerva Food, at the level of all Arab countries," he says. He states that this "Chihab" is the one who briefed him on business relations with the Brazilian Market.

"In 2008, I applied to the Ministry of Agriculture to allow me to import fresh Brazilian meat from Menerva Food," says Le Boucher. It was a company that had guaranteed a supply without going through intermediaries. "The ministry agreed and allowed me. I then made my first import of 5 containers of fresh and frozen meat, "said Kamel Chikhi. Although, he says, my Company "Icosium Meat" was allowed to import only fresh meat.

Everything was going well for the better. And the money flowed.

The Fall …

Now His version on his innocence, "The Butcher" points out that it is the Lebanese "Chihab Mohamed" and the commercial director, a man named "Sahraoui Abdelkader" who took care of following the containers containing the meat. And this, since their departure from Brazil until their arrival in Algeria. These two people were also responsible for the cargo that contained Cocaine. This is what finally indicates, the main accused of this Mega scandal which caused a real earthquake that shook during this summer 2018, to the highest summit of the institutional hierarchy of the country …

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