30 people arrested and 10 policemen wounded

"At the end of the meeting which took place on Thursday evening, at the Omar Hamadi stadium of Bologhine, people violated the public order and ransacked public property, which required the intervention of the services According to a statement from the DGSN, the operation resulted in the arrest of 30 suspects for disturbing public order and drug possession. 10 police officers were injured and no bearers were injured.

18 police officers and 22 supporters were injured, the DGSN announced on Wednesday, stating that 10 security vehicles, a private-owned vehicle and a civil defense ambulance were ransacked as a result of clashes erupting in the end of the match between Tuesday at the July 5th stadium in Algiers, the MCA at the USMBA (0-1) on behalf of the 14th day of the Ligue 1 football.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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