"3rd AP, horse dealer" … "The Butcher" tells his life (first part)

Algeria – The main accused in the so-called cocaine case, Kamel Chikhi, aka "The Butcher", gave new elements concerning his life course at the second hearing before the investigating judge of the specialized section under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Sidi M'Hamed

Thus, the daily Ennahar, reports in its edition of this Thursday, November 15, the indiscretions of relatives of the file.

From the outset, the Boucher indicates that he is the youngest of seven siblings. His father died in 1988 and his mother in 1998. He lived in the family home in Lakhdaria (Bouira). Returning to his childhood, he indicates that his grade level does not exceed 3 e Primary year. That he can only master some basic Arabic (he can read it, but not write it). And that he was educated at Kahina Primary School in Lakhdaria.

"Very quickly the school bored me and I had to leave school," he says. All the more, he says, "already at that time I was helping my older brother, Nacer, in his work as Boucher. I also took care of grazing the sheep and sheep belonging to my family, "he says.

Thus, the little Kamel went with Nacer, all the ends of days, to Algiers to eat meat. "We came back in the morning around 7am. Then I went back to school. "This rhythm made me sleep in class. I ended up leaving, "he says.

Beginning of the Black Decade … Settlement in the Capital

Continuing, "The Butcher" indicates that at the beginning of the black decade, his family moved to Algiers. "We settled in a city of the Police in the city Annasser (Kouba). I lived there for 2 months, "he says. Then, he says, "I and my brother Nacer rented an apartment at the Mayan city in Hussein Dey (Algiers)."

The older brother, Nacer and his brothers took care of the property of the father, who was too old and sick. The latter had a bakery, and was associated in another bakery. He was also associated in two butcher shops.

"I started selling meat in the popular markets of Kouba and Reghaia. Then I rented a room at Maya City, Hussein Dey. I opened my first Butcher Shop, "he says …

To follow: "2 e audition of Kamel Chikhi:" The Butcher "tells his first steps in the Affairs (2 e part)

شارك هاذا المقال !

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