4 Brands in front of Justice! (Djellab)

Algeria – The information reported by ALG24, less than a week ago will not have fallen on deaf ears

The Control Services of the Ministry of Commerce found several irregularities in some roasters, some serious. As a result, a complaint and a lawsuit against "4 coffee brands", said the Minister of Commerce, Said Djellab. No information has yet been found on the names of the offending marks.

Thus, in a previous publication, ALG24 reported the words of the President of the Algerian Organization for Consumer Protection (APOCE). This denier had made an astonishing revelation. Thus, according to Mustapha Zebdi, not less than 84% of the national brands of coffee are not in conformity with the standards required by the legislation.

What is this non-conformity?

This non-compliance affects, among other things, the additional sugar content in coffee. A practice more and more common and whose purpose, mainly, to offset the weight lost during roasting. A totally illegal practice that exposes consumers to some health problems.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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