5 support elements for terrorists arrested at Tissemsilt and Boumerdes

Algeria – Detachments of the National Popular Army have arrested five elements of support for terrorist groups in Tissemsilt and Boumerdes, said Thursday, November 8, the Ministry of National Defense, in a statement, reported by the official agency.

"As part of the fight against terrorism and through the exploitation of intelligence, detachments of the National People's Army have apprehended in coordination with the services of the National Security, November 7, 2018 Tissemsilt / 2eRM and Boumerdes / 1st IRM, five (05) support elements to terrorist groups, while other detachments discovered and destroyed two (02) casemates for terrorists and two (02) hand-made bombs in Tizi Ouzou and Tipaza / 1st RM

Moreover, as part of the fight against organized crime, detachments of the ANP intercepted (39) smugglers and seized a truck, (8.5) tons, in Tamanrasset and Bordj Badji Mokhtar / 6eRM. of cement, three (03) generators, four (04) jackhammers and two (02) metal detectors, while another detachment seized, in El Oued / 4eRM, 13000 units of different drinks.

On the other hand, a detachment of the ANP in coordination with the services of the National Security has arrested, in Adrar / 3eRM, three drug traffickers in their possession 8770 psychotropic tablets.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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