500,000 students leave school along the way! (Study)

Algeria – Should we revisit the system of the passage of students in the upper class? Many students repeat their school year up to three times. According to the statistics of the CLA (Council of teachers of high schools of Algeria ) the repetition rate for the 2017-2018 school year is between 3 and 7%, which is equivalent to more than 600,000 students.

CLA's latest three-level study of school performance shows that 630,000 elementary students repeat the year. The same study also showed that only 10% of primary students equate classes in class.

The number of students who leave school early before the age of 17 is estimated at 500,000 students, according to the results of this report quoted Monday by Ennahar Online. A number considered "important" by this union compared to other countries of the world.

The repetition rate reached 8% in the middle, 5% in the secondary, not counting the repetition rate of the highs of the third year of secondary education, which exceeds 50%.

For the education union, repetition is a problem that should be remedied through better supervision so as not to abandon the student in difficulty half way.

75% of students are not admitted to the 2nd year of university!

The CLA has attributed the causes of these failures to the curricula that change every year and especially to the training of teachers so the ministry does not recruit teachers on the basis of "skills".

The figures are more alarming at the university according to the CLA.The Algerian university records a failure rate of 75% for students in the first year of university!

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