56 confirmed cases out of 161 cases hospitalized since August 07, 2018

Algeria – The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform reported that as of 26 August, 56 cholera cases have been confirmed in the 161 cases hospitalized since 07 August , said Monday a statement from the ministry.

The distribution of cases by wilaya is as follows: Bouira 03 confirmed cases out of 06 suspected cases, Blida 30 confirmed cases out of 106 suspected cases, Tipasa 12 confirmed cases out of 19 suspected cases, Algiers 10 confirmed cases out of 27 suspected cases, Medea 1 confirmed case and finally Ain Defla 02 suspected cases, the statement said.

The number of hospitalized "significantly decreased" from 33 cases on August 23 to 04 cases on August 26, 2018, said the ministry, noting that no new deaths were reported outside the two deaths recorded in level of the wilaya of Blida

The ministry says, in this sense, that all patients are treated at the EHS El Kettar and EPH Boufarik, and that 45 cases were put out, ensuring that cases remaining hospitalized " evolved favorably. "

Although the number of hospitalized cases has decreased, given the incubation period of up to a week, the surveillance system is maintained at all levels, the ministry says.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health reiterated the main measures to stop and contain the spread of the disease namely the careful washing of hands with soap and clean water several times a day, especially before contact with a food, before each meal and after use of the toilet, washing vegetables and fruits before consumption and boiling and chlorination of storage water prior to use

It is also recommended not to source untreated and uncontrolled water sources such as springs and wells.

The same source recalls that in cases of diarrhea and vomiting, it is imperative to present in the nearest health facility, rehydrate with sufficient water and oral rehydration salts ( SRO) and to give special attention to children and elderly people.


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