689 areas threatened by floods at the national level

Algeria – Minister of Water Resources Hocine Necib revealed on Saturday, November 17 that nearly 689 sites are threatened, to varying degrees, by floods at the national level, according to a study by his department.

M.Necib who expressed today, on the sidelines of the study day on the fight against natural disasters in Algeria, provides a new "strategy to combat the risks of floods in Algeria. the 2030 horizon ".

"For the first time, we are working to put in place a Flood Risk Prevention Plan (PPRI) which aims to reduce the risks against this phenomenon" which threaten, especially the populations resulting from illegal constructions in different wilayas of the country.

To this end, the ministry plans to sign, in collaboration with the European Union, a framework convention between the National Water Resources Agency and the Algerian Space Agency (Asal). The purpose of this convention is to ensure better risk management against floods in Algeria.

"The fill rate of dams reached the highest level in October"

The minister explained, in the wake, that like the other countries, climate change is not a war, but rather a reality that threatens Algeria, especially with the "rise of illicit constructions on the banks of wadis "and which constitute a danger for the populations who live there

In addition, the first person in charge of this department, that Algeria has 80 large dams in operation with a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters. Adding that "the fill rate of dams at the national level, reached the highest level in 20 years last October."


شارك هاذا المقال !

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