7 killed a day! Black Week on the Algerian Roads

Algeria – During the week of June 10-16 ongoing, 42 people were killed and 2,029 others were injured in accidents. These occurred in several regions of the country. This is reported by a report prepared Tuesday by the services of the Civil Protection

According to the figures in this document, the wilaya of Batna deplores the heaviest balance sheet. Thus, 5 deaths were recorded there, while 64 others were wounded.

Thursday, the Minister of Transport reaffirmed what the road safety services are constantly repeating: the majority of accidents are due to the human factor. According to Abdelghani Zaalane: "94.47% of traffic accidents are due mainly to the human factor"

Note that in 2017, Algeria recorded more than 3,600 deaths in road accidents.

See also: 95% of road accidents due to the human factor (Zaalane)



شارك هاذا المقال !

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