90 000 Chifa cards blocked

Algeria – No less than 90,000 Chifa cards have been blocked for misuse. A figure that could be revised upward.It was revealed Sunday, July 21, the director of medical supervision at the CNAS (National Fund of Social Insurance for Salaried Workers (CNAS), Djamel Mettari.

No less than 90,000 insured persons affiliated to the National Fund for Social Insurance of Salaried Workers (CNAS), have been abused the Chifa card, laments the host of Ennahar TV M.Mettari .

Abuse of the Chifa card by chronically ill people was noted by the Caisse's medical adviser following post-mortem medical examinations, said CNAS director M.Mettari. "Some doctors are" accomplices ", they prescribe other medicines such as paracetamol apart from drugs that concern the chronic disease of the social insured", which is not legal and could cause losses for the fund.

Taking stock of this situation, Mr. Mettari, indicates that the 90 000 fraudsters were summoned by the CNAS and they are forced to repay drugs they acquired illegally .

According to this official, the social security system controls the social insured and not the doctors. On the other hand, the doctor's adviser sent an information sheet to the doctors concerned by this "fraud" to explain the practice.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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