A 9 million .. Sheep are not what we believe!

Algeria – Another tender and joyous holiday is coming up for this month of August: Aid El-Kebir. It is also expensive, a sacrifice for many scholarships.

In times of austerity, sheep prices would have been revised downwards, sharpened for the occasion. It must be noted that not only did they not go down, but that they flamed carotidly!

The team of Ennahar who has moved to several points of sale in the capital, including Zeralda, Cheraga and Sidi Feredj, but also along the roads, the squares and other places as unusual of each other seems to be back with the whirling. The Capital transformed into a real giant barn, time for a party, time for a mega-slaughter.

Thus, according to the daily reports, prices of sheep are blazing, bleeding! Like those from Ouled Djellal, Djelfa, Laghouat or Al Bayadh. For these, they gambol between 6 and 9 million (cents). With price differences for the same product from 3000 to 10,000 dinars.

Between a religious duty and a regulation of the absent market, the sheep is not that which one believes. Algerian families, at this feast of the Aid, are thus passed by the knife of the sheep dealer, and the skinning resulting from the lack of regulation of the market.

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