A Christian cemetery vandalized … Who seeks to dirty the image of the Muslims? (Photos)

Algeria – An act of rare barbarism struck the city of Bejaia during the night of Thursday to Friday. The peaceful British cemetery of Oued Ghir (12 km from the capital of wilaya) was vandalized by strangers.

Thus, several Facebook pages relayed and shared the photos of this unspeakable act. This did not fail to arouse indignation among many Internet users.

Who are these people who have lost all sense of values ​​who dare to attack the dead? To the sacred? The others, were they?

Finally, the other question raised by this act and the many who have proceeded is: Who has an interest in propagating this bad image of Algeria and Islam?

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Act of vandalism occurred on this matter. at the British cemetery in Oued Ghir

Published by Bejaia City on Friday, September 7, 2018

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