A cold airflow will affect the whole country from Friday

Algeria – Temperatures will drop more or less in the coming days across the country's regions, said Houaria Benrekta, forecaster at the National Meteorological Office (ONM).

A cold airflow from the East will allow the release of hot air that has persisted for several weeks on the country, especially in the great south where time will return to normal with maximum temperatures that will oscillate between 44 and 47 degrees Celsius from Friday, said Ms. Benrekta. Seasonal storm cells are also forecast in the extreme south of the country, Hoggar and Tassili, she added.

The regions of the interior will also experience a decline in temperatures where the mercury will drop to 30 degrees, while the maximum will be around 38 degrees, she said, adding that thunderstorms are expected on Tebessa and Aurès. The drop in temperatures will also affect coastal areas where the expected minimums will be of the order of 26 degrees and the maximum will be around 34 degrees from Friday.

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