A hail storm of new caliber creates panic in Tebessa! (Impressive Photos)

Algeria – The phrase "the sky fell on their heads" will never have had more meaning than Tebessa …

Electric cables and telephone torn off, windshields of vehicles flying in shine, dented sheets … The night of Thursday 1 er November was not easy for the inhabitants of this region of l East of the country.

Thus, the big hailstorm recorded in Chréa, Thursday, November 1 was particularly violent. But especially expensive for dozens of motorists. Powerless, they could not do anything other than watch their vehicles suffer the onslaught of impressive hail flakes of a rarely seen caliber.

The photos reported by the site Ennahar, Friday, November 2 are particularly telling.

Finally, other victims of this climatic outburst: the dwellings of shantytowns. These last ones saw their roofs, often in fibrocement corrugated sheets (Eternit), to steal!

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شارك هاذا المقال !

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