A little text for the collectivities, a big step for Algeria (Document)

Algeria – Delegate! The word is launched. And it is a decree that evokes it. The latter allows local authorities to "delegate" certain missions, non-regal, from the public authorities to private or public entities.

Published in the OG 48 of August 5, 2018, this decree is numbered 18-199. Thus, according to Article 4 of this text: Local authorities and public institutions of an administrative nature, may delegate a public service to a legal person, public or private through a "delegation agreement".

The end of dirigisme: The beginning of a new management culture?

Abandoned swimming pools, closed and abandoned commercial premises, unexploited infrastructures, and no valuables … So many surprising oddities that hit several localities. Infrastructures made of hundreds of billions, delivered but remain closed, abandoned. That does not benefit neither the inhabitants who are supposed to benefit from it, nor the local treasury. In this situation, the same explanations are given by the localities subject to this kind of waste: Lack of means, personnel, logistics … But also and especially limited powers that do not allow the initiative.

A text that could well be the beginning of a new culture in the management of communities and tomorrow wilayas …

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