a loss of more than 7.600 billion DA for the justice sector

Algeria – The justice sector recorded a loss of more than 7.600 billion DA in the recovery of fines and judicial expenses before the amendment of the 2016 Finance Law transferring this prerogative from the Ministry of Finance to Ministry of Justice, Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice, Tayeb Louh said Monday in Oran.

In a statement on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new seat of the Court of Oran, the minister indicated that more than 7.600 billion DA were not recovered when the government did not focus its strategy on the recovery of fines decided by the courts allowing them to accumulate over the years.

Tayeb Louh emphasized that the situation changed after the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika ordered to accelerate the pace of modernization to reduce burdens on citizens and fight against bureaucracy.

As part of the reform, an amendment to the 2016 Finance Act made it possible to transfer the fines recovery powers from the Ministry of Finance to the Justice Department through courts and tribunals.

Regarding the reforms decided by the President of the Republic, the minister pointed out when discussing the facilities for issuing documents to citizens that efforts are focused on the generalization of the issuance of the criminal record and the certificate of nationality by internet.

An official at the new headquarters of the Oran Court stated that this service is available and that the request for these documents is made on the internet. The applicant submits to the competent service a birth certificate and the national identity card and receives after 48 hours a telephone message informing him of the code for the delivery of documents via the Internet.

million. Louh has described the issuance of these documents by internet as "significant advance" signaling that few countries proceed in the way.

In addition, the Minister indicated that his department works with the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Spatial Planning for the use of a national identity number for the issuance of documents promptly, emphasizing that this procedure will facilitate the operation and will further contribute to the modernization of judicial bodies and emphasize continuing training in modernization and digitization.


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