A National Plan to Combat School Loss

Algeria_ The Minister of National Education, Nouria Benghabrit, reported Saturday in Algiers, the ongoing development of a national plan to fight against school dropout and support students with difficulties learning.

Invited to the El Moudjahid forum, the minister said that her department was working on "the development of a national plan to fight the phenomenon of school dropout, by associating the National Center for Distance Learning , the National Observatory of Education and Training and the National Literacy Association to curb this phenomenon. "

Assuming this phenomenon to the non-support of schoolchildren with learning difficulties, the minister specified that the directors of educational establishments were instructed to "entrust the first and second years of the primary cycle to teachers experienced. "

Reaffirming that "competence is the only criterion for achieving a quality school", Ms. Benghabrit argued that inspectors are bound to rely on this criterion alone for the tenure of new teachers at the end of their period of service. placement.

She stressed, in this sense, the imperative of "fighting against mediocrity" which is, she said, "our common enemy both in terms of management and teaching", highlighting the pursuing its policy of improving the performance of the sector and training staff, as well as the ongoing work with Directors of Education and educational institutions to monitor and find solutions to problems.

Recalling that the law prohibits the expulsion of a pupil before the age of 16, the minister specified that it is up to the Teachers Council to define those who can repeat the year, stressing, however, "the the right of every pupil to lodge an appeal before the Directorate of Education if he considers his expulsion arbitrary ".

The repetition rate in the secondary cycle is 15%, average 17% and 5.8 in the primary cycle, she said.

Source: APS

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