"A thousand kisses" – Hassiba Ben Bouali writes to his parents

"If I die you must not cry me. I will be happy dead. I certify you. "

The last letter written on September 15, 1957 by Hassiba Ben Bouali to his parents …

I just got vaguely from you by the mother of the brother "Si Abderezak". It seems that you are well. I hope so with all my heart. It's been almost 9 months since we were able to communicate. I made a bad blood of all the devils. Because I knew you were very bored because of me; that the police were no longer coming out of the house and it was impossible for me to write to you or to send you anybody.

I would like to see you so much, I have terribly languished, there is not a day when I do not think of you. Almost every night I dream of you. We had very difficult moments and even now it does not work like clockwork, but it does not matter that we are full of good will and brothers die every day to lead their country to freedom. I heard that you had moved, that surprises me, but finally it is very possible.

I will be curious to know where you live now and how is your new home. One thing, however, bores me, I can not imagine you live like I did before. I always say to myself, "Here at the moment they are at the table," and I see you each in his place. Lala and Tata Zahia with you of course because they have no place to go being told that my two uncles are outside Algeria.

By the way, did you hear from them? Do you write? It is terrible how we miss the family when we are far from it. You know that I am very sought after here in Algiers so I can not do anything. So I decided finally, it is my duty to go to the maquis where I know that I could serve as a nurse or even if it is necessary and I hope with all my heart fight the weapons in hand, finally the road will of course be difficult enough to reach a maquis, but I hope that with the help of God I will arrive safe and sound.

Do not worry about me, you have to think about the little ones who will soon go back to school and who I hope will work well. You can not imagine how much I miss them, in fact a year since I saw them they had to grow especially my little Mohamed, is he also mean? Do they sometimes speak of me, or have they forgotten me and the concierge always so talkative? Setty now I think I may not recognize her, she's a real girl. I would like to have their pictures and yours too. Thus, it seems to me to carry with me in my heart all my family.

I would love to see you before leaving. I do not know if I can, but know that I will do my best because once in the maquis you will have very little or infrequently of my news, soon Inch'Allah we will all be together but perhaps or if the death we tear off from life we ​​will meet in our God.

If I die you must not cry me, I will be dead happy I certify you. Finally, there is no question, but you never know it's so quickly happened especially in the life I lead.

Finally, in short, try to indicate to me a safe address where I could write to you it absolutely must as for you answer me by the person who will bring you this letter.

Finally, dear parents, I hope you have received the letters I wrote to Tata Sakina. I will do my best to see you before leaving but I do not know if you have to count on it.

Finally try to send me the pictures that I ask you. I kiss you all very very hard. Lala and Tata especially who have a lot to think about their little girl and you my parents adored, there is no words to express my affection.

Thousand kisses

Your daughter who loves you

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