A woman delivers quintuplets to Relizane (video)

Algeria – A happy event took place at Relizane maternity ward. One woman has brought into the world five beautiful babies including two girls and three boys, informs, a local source, this Sunday, November 11, reported by Ennahar TV.

The parturient underwent a caesarean to conceive these five babies in a private clinic in the town of Oued El Djemaa in Relizane, said the same source.

The five newborns are in good health, according to the medical staff of Relizane's Mohamed Boudiaf Hospital, where they are currently for medical consultations, as shown in the photos published on Ennahar TV.

The happy father who did not have a permanent job, according to his testimony, called on the local authorities to provide him with financial assistance and housing, in order to ensure proper care for his family.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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