A wounded soldier, two terrorists shot down … ANP storms Beni Hamiden!

Algeria – He is a soldier. A soldier of the ANP. We do not have his name, but, it is part of the combined forces that led the assault, yesterday Sunday, November 18, in a mountainous area dependent on the municipality of Beni Hamiden in the wilaya of Constantine and which extends until 'to Skikda and Mila.

In this kind of body, one is discreet. We stay away from the spotlight. All we know is that his condition is considered serious and that he is treated at the Military Hospital of the New Town Ali Mendjli. We will not know any more.

Two terrorists shot dead, several others surrounded!

In his report on this operation, the daily Ennahar, which reports the information, on Monday, November 19, evokes a report: Two terrorists shot down following a violent collision and an exchange of fire that lasted several hours.

Thus, this operation was triggered following an ambush by the armed forces. The latter acted on the basis of reports of the displacement of a terrorist group. The latter was trying to reach Constantine from Skikda.

According to the little information held by the daily, the operation is still ongoing and an indefinite number of terrorists is surrounded in the area. Among them, two brothers who are among the oldest terrorists in the region. They have been actively sought for more than 15 years.

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شارك هاذا المقال !

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