Abdou Semmar and Merouane Boudiab released

Algeria – Placed under arrest mandate on October 25 and after the postponement of a first hearing, the editor-in-chief of the site Algeria Part and his collaborator Merouane Boudiab were released on Thursday, November 8, pending a further information in the case.

Despite a sentence of one year of imprisonment initially required by the prosecution, it was decided in deliberation to request further information and to question, inter alia, the persons named in the investigation. Thus, Abdou Semmar, whose real name is Mohamed Abderrahmane Semmar, and Merouane Boudiab will be released tonight at liberty.

As a reminder, it is following two complaints, from the wilaya of Algiers and the media group Ennahar, that the two "journalists" were arrested at the end of October.

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