Abdou Semmar case: The file against Zoukh provided by the FCE?

Algeria – Abdou Semmar, editor-in-chief of the Algeria Part website, revealed this to the investigators in the defamation case in which he is accused.

The wilaya of Algiers suing Mohamed Abderrahmane Semmar, alias Abdou Semmar, for his article entitled "Zoukh and the luxurious Annassers apartments: dangerous links …". After a long period of abstention from the investigators, Abdou Semmar finally swayed the "source" who provided him with the documents circulated in the article.

This is, according to the confession of the defendant, Naima Batel, head of the communication department of the Forum of entrepreneurs (FCE). She, about sixty years old, would have emailed documents relating to the real estate cooperative "Bordj Essahel", accused in the article incriminated of having offered luxury apartments to several senior executives.

In the Minutes of Hearing, it is stated that the investigators were able to confirm, by accessing the mailbox of the accused, that the official of the FCE did send the documents in question. Individual act or hierarchical order, Naima Batel will answer it within the framework of the additional investigation ordered yesterday by the judge near the court of Bir Mourad Raïs.

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