Abduction of the little Fatma Zohra: Her cousin imprisoned

Algeria – The case of 14-year-old Fatma Zohra from Oran is incredible. A few days ago this little girl was found not far from her home. This raised several questions about the circumstances of his mysterious disappearance.

According to this report Thursday, September 13, Ennahar On line, his cousin was at the origin of his disappearance. This case has been brought to justice. The 22-year-old was brought before the Oran Prosecutor for misappropriation of a minor. He confessed to taking his cousin Fatma Zohra to a house he rented in Sidi El Bashir (Oran), claiming that he had asked for the marriage despite his young age.

Before the Prosecutor the owner of the house rented to the young person involved in this case denied having knowledge of the subject. He indicated that he did not know that the girl was a minor. Especially since she wore a veil (Niqab) on the day of her arrival at home.

Thus, the Prosecutor of the Republic of Oran ordered to remand the two alleged perpetrators of the kidnapping of the little Fatma Zohra.

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