About 50 MPs at risk of expulsion

Algeria-At least 55 former deputies, notably from the legislature from 1997 to 2002, are at risk of being expelled from the Mimosas de Sataouéli residence, west of the capital.

In a statement made public, they denounce the closure of the portal leading to their residence and the decision of the management of the Sahel State Residence, Club des Pins, to expel them.

"By the time our children return to school, a notice of expulsion was sent by the authority in charge of management," said a statement released Monday. After the refusal of the occupants to leave the premises, officials of the state residence "have just taken a step by resorting to what seems to become the reference in law and legislation. Sequester families by closing the gate with chains and padlocks, "note the former deputies, including two party leaders. "This deportation offensive, undertaken without offering an alternative solution to families who do not have a spare roof, coinciding more with the back to school and all the damage it has on the education of our children, and intervening also in the winter season, can not be qualified as an act of management, "deplore the former parliamentarians who hope a gesture of good will of the services of Hamid Melzi.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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