Algeria: Discovery of an arsenal of war near the Malian border

Algeria – The Forces of the National People's Army on Friday morning discovered an arsenal of war at Bordj Badji Mokhtar, near the Malian border.

"A detachment of the National People's Army discovered, today 03 August 2018, during a search and search operation near the border strip at the Bordj Badji Mokhtar Operational Sector, in 6 ° / RM Military Region, a cache of weapons and ammunition, "said a statement from the Department of National Defense.

This cache contains, according to the same statement, "a Kalashnikov-type machine gun (PMAK), three Simonov type semi-automatic pistol (SKS), seven rifles, an automatic rifle type (FAL) and a large quantity of ammunition, the statement said.

A quantity of treated kif was also discovered in the same cache, amounting to 42 kilograms.

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