Algeria exports eggs to China, Qatar and Vietnam (Bouazghi)

Algeria – Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries Abdelkader Bouazhi revealed on Saturday (September 08th) that domestic production of eggs in Algeria has increased considerably from 3.8 billion units in 2009 to 6.6 billion units in 2017, an increase of 76.3%, which favored the export of eggs to certain foreign countries.

million. Bouazgui reported today on the growth of domestic egg production in recent years, indicating that the surplus production has allowed Algeria to export eggs and white meat products.

In addition, Bouazghi indicated, moreover, that the poultry industry has known in recent years a very important development. Thus, the value of domestic production of white meat reached 155.5 billion dinars in 2017. "White meat went from 54.8 billion dinars in 2009 to 155.5 billion dinars in 2017, an increase of 184%, "said the first person in charge of the sector. White meat is 90% produced by private individuals

Bouazghi spoke on Saturday during a National Day of Study on the Poultry Industry.

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