Algeria: RSF withdraws press release on the presumption of innocence

Algeria – On November 3rd, RSF issued a press release regarding the media treatment of the arrest of Algerian journalists. This organization then denounced an "attack on dignity and the violation of the right to the presumption of innocence".

The statement in question, issued at the initiative of the Director of the RSF North Africa Office (Tunis), was removed from the site of the organization, it was found on Tuesday.

In the statement suppressed RSF claimed that Ennahar TV "never ceases to broadcast images showing them handcuffed in court or being transferred to prison. Elements of the preliminary investigation, which were supposed to remain confidential until they were presented to the prosecutor's office, were also deliberately disseminated by this media. "

Why did RSF withdraw its press release? If no explanation was given on the site, we know at least that the release in question was a first, since this NGO is not used to denounce the media, but to defend the freedom of the press and the protection of the sources of journalists

شارك هاذا المقال !

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