Algeria: Surrender of 3 armed terrorists in Tamanrasset

Algeria – New surrender in the South of the country. Three armed terrorists surrendered today, Sunday, August 12, to the military authorities of the wilaya of Tamanrasset, said a statement from the Department of National Defense.

As part of the fight against terrorism and in the dynamics of the efforts provided by the forces of the National People's Army, three (03) terrorists surrendered, this morning August 12, 2018, to the Military Authorities in Tamanrasset in the 6th Region Military. They are:

1- "Brezegui Ahmed", who joined the terrorist groups in 2009;

2- "Sioud Hamza", said "Abu Youcef" who joined the terrorist groups in 2014;

3- "Zouaouid Mustapha", said "Abu Abderrahmane" who joined the terrorist groups in 2014.

The operation also made it possible to recover three (03) Kalashnikov-type machine guns and three (03) ammunition-loaded magazines. These quality results confirm, once again, the effectiveness of the far-sighted strategy adopted by the High Command of the ANP through the different approaches and initiatives to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from our country.

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