Algeria – Surrender of a terrorist with 3 families consisting of 12 members in Skikda

Algeria – A terrorist visited the Skikda military authorities today, Thursday, November 8, with three families of twelve members.

"As part of the fight against terrorism and in the dynamics of the efforts provided by the Forces of the National People's Army, a terrorist surrendered, today November 08, 2018, to the Military Authorities in Skikda / 5eRM, accompanied by three families composed of twelve (12) people. This is the terrorist "Filali Bilel" said "Abu Aymane Thabet", his family consists of his wife and their five children (two boys and three girls), as well as families of two (02) terrorists who had been shot in previous operations, consisting of two (02) women and their three (03) children. The terrorist, who joined the criminal groups in 1998, was in possession of a Kalashnikov-type machine gun and three (03) ammunition loaders, "a statement from the Department of National Defense said.

"In the same context, two (02) terrorists went to the Military Authorities in Djanet in the 4th Military Region. These are the so-called "Naïli Osman" and "Tarmoun Ali" said "Fares", who had in their possession two (02) Kalashnikov-type machine guns and six (06) ammunition loaders, "the same statement said.

"These quality results reiterate the effectiveness of the approach adopted by the High Command of the National People's Army to overcome the scourge of terrorism and bring security and tranquility throughout the country", said DND

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