Algeria Telecom launches 'Idoom Fiber Pro'

Algeria-The public operator Algeria Telecom has unveiled its new offer "Idoom fiber pro" for businesses at the best price with unique advantages allowing professionals to take full advantage of telephony and the Internet, said Monday a statement of the group

For the Idoom Fiber Professional Telephony offer, the customer receives calls to 4DA / Min to local and national and calls to 9DA / Min to the mobile with a flat rate of 150 DA / HT per month, while for the Idoom Fiber Professional Internet offer, the customer benefits from a bit rate ranging from 02 Mbps to 20 Mbps, specifies the same source.

Algeria Telecom explains that in case of network modernization, existing customers on the Idoom ADSL offer "will be automatically switched to an offer equivalent to their current offer, the monthly Internet charges, the telephone subscription and the communication rates will remain the same. "

In case of development of the network, the professional customers wishing to subscribe to the offer Fiber Professionnelle, "will have to pay the costs of the modem and connection fees according to the rate of the offer in force, subject to eligibility and with a commitment of 12 months ", notes the operator.

Through these new offers, Algérie Télécom "intends to respond optimally to the expectations of its corporate customers and support them in achieving their success and their digital transformation," the statement added.

For more information, Algeria Telecom makes available to its customers the website:, or to contact our web advisors on the Facebook page of Algeria Telecom: /algerietelecomgroupe.

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