Algeria: When a public hospital asks for charity [Document]

Algeria – It is no secret that Algeria is experiencing a severe financial crisis, forcing the state to resort to printing money, in order to generate the resources needed for local development. However, no one expected that a public institution, especially not a hospital, could ask for charity.

The specialized hospital Mother-Child "Meriem Bouattoura" of Batna launched, on July 31st, a strange call to the citizens. Indeed, for the realization of a study and the drilling of a well intended to assure him an autonomy in water, this public hospital establishment launches an appeal to the charitable souls.

"The administration of the establishment calls on any natural person Algerian or any other legal person (company or association) […]wanting to finance the study and the work of drilling […]to approach of the direction of the establishment ", reads in this call diffused last July 31.

This hospitable institution releases a "religious argument", that of "Sadaqa Djariaâ" (continued / durable), in an attempt to convince potential donors.

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