Algeria: When a writer treats Kamel Daoud as an "algeophobic fetish puppet"

Algeria – "Algeophobic fetish puppet", is the qualifier assigned to one of the most famous contemporary writers, Kamel Daoud.

In a contribution published on the AlgeriePatriotique electronic newspaper, the writer Youcef Benzatat fires red balls on Kamel Daoud, a young novelist and journalist who has been able to impose his pen both nationally and internationally.

In his contribution, the author of the novel "The dishonor of the General" criticizes the organizers of the SILA (International Book Fair of Algiers) for having "loudly invited" Kamel Daoud, then condemns media having " acclaimed and acclaimed "the author of" Meursault, contre-enquête ".

Youcef Benzatat, who is not on his first hostile contribution to Kamel Daoud, also protests against the ban on sales-dedications to the Belgian journalist and writer Michel Collon, who denounces in his works "colonialist Zionism" .

"Objective not confessed: plebiscite the puppet fetish with great pomp and unfold the red carpet in Algiers, while silently and noiselessly chasing the venom that acts awakening consciousness of these peoples of the third world exposed defenseless face the voracious mouth of imperialism and colonialist Zionism, looter, destroyer and criminal, "he writes, in particular.

The contributor of AlgeriePatriotique points, moreover, an article of Kamel Daoud published last October 15th on the "News York Times". This article, titled "My war with the war in Algeria", refers in particular to the recognition by Emmanuel Macron of the assassination under torture of Maurice Audin and the necessity for the post-colonial generation to leave the prison of the history.

This contribution also attacks an independent Algerian press, notably El-Watan and TSA, which respectively titled "Kamel Daoud and Yasmina Khadra unleash the crowds" and "At the Book Fair of Algiers, Yasmina Khadra and Kamel Daoud attract the crowd. He thus treats them as "rapine media that feed viciously on one side of the breasts of rent. "

It is certainly unpublished that a writer journalist is rebelling against the praise given to one of his colleagues. Worse, it is absurd to denounce the "censorship" of a writer (Michel Collon) by calling for the censorship of another.

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