Algerian and foreign academicians expected at Ain Temouchent

Algeria_ A strong participation of academics from universities in the country and abroad is expected at the international symposium on Syphax, scheduled to Ain Temouchent on September 22, said the APS.

The symposium will take place from 22 to 24 September, one more day than expected because of the strong participation recorded by the scientific committee of the HCA responsible for evaluating and selecting the academic works for this international event that aims to highlight the kingdom of Syphax and its historical and civilizational significance in the region, Assad told APS on the sidelines of a field visit to prepare for this meeting.

No less than 27 conferences are on the program of the symposium and will be led by archaeologists and historians from universities in the country and abroad.

The participation of advisers of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), academics from France, Greece, Sudan, Tunisia and Algeria, the Secretary General said of HCA.

The program also includes 16 round tables that will focus on three aspects to give citizens of the wilaya of Ain Temouchent the opportunity to discover and discover, thanks to film specialists, the historical significance of Numidia. , using modern techniques of technology including 3D technique, Assad emphasized.

In addition, a rich exhibition will be organized in collaboration with the National Center of Archeology and will highlight, in front of the public and researchers, the Numidian period in Algeria with all that it can contain as objects and riches.

Specialists will shed more light during this symposium on the historical aspect of the Syphax kingdom through a large number of specialists, as well as on Syphax's strategy to build relations with Rome and Carthage and the characteristics of Syphax's diplomacy, Mr. Assad added.

The High Commission for Amazighity attaches great importance to the promotion of historical knowledge and the national dimension through this series of symposia including the meeting on Massinissa in El Khroub (Constantine) in 2014, on Jugurtha in 2016 and the symposium on Syphax at Ain Témouchent next September.

HCA Secretary General paid a visit to Amazigh language teachers who are in training at Ain Temouchent's National Training Center for Educational Personnel where he emphasized the interest of the State to the generalization of Tamazight teaching, stressing that coverage will be national at the next school year under an action plan with the HCA, according to a statement by the Minister of National Education.

Source: APS

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