Algerians master the language of Shakespeare (study)

Algeria – According to a study by a company specializing in EF Education First language training, Algerians have a good command of the English language.

Algeria, Egypt and South Africa improve their English skills by at least two points, says EF Education First annual barometer

The study shows that Africa is the region that has "most" progress in 2018, says the same source, quoted by the official agency.

In Europe, Sweden is at the top of the charts for the fourth time in eight years, followed by the Netherlands and Norway respectively in 2nd and 3rd place.

Italy, which is ahead of France (25th) for a few years now, is ranked 24th out of 32 countries in Europe, says the annual barometer EF Education First confirms that the French are far from controlling the Shakespeare language. France is ranked 35th in the world.

"Our study shows a rise in the level of French English but at a slow pace in recent years.

EF Education First notes that, on the Asian continent, Singapore enters, for the first time, in the top three by placing third in the ranking.

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