Algiers: 30 outbreaks of fire since the activation of the fire plan

The services of the Forest and Green Belt Directorate of the Algiers wilaya have recorded, since the activation of the firefighting plan in early June, 30 fires having affected 1.5 hectares of scrub and maquis in the forests of Bainem, Ben Aknoun, Bouchaoui and Magtaa Kheira, said Monday the head of the service for the protection of fauna and flora, Kamel Laras.

Laras reported a decrease of more than 50% in the number of fires compared to the same period of 2017, attributing this result to the rapid interventions of the forest management officers and the effectiveness of awareness campaigns

While recalling that the uncontrolled stream of garbage in the forests was at the origin of these fires, Mr. Laras affirmed that the preventive plan for the fight against forest fires, which will extend until October 31 has "proven effective" in reducing the area affected by fires.

In this context, the official mentioned the mobilization of four (04) brigades composed of more than 120 intervention agents equipped with equipment and means necessary to intervene before the arrival of the elements of the civil protection.

Tanks for extinguishing fires and telecommunication equipment have been allocated, for this purpose, through the headquarters of the brigades installed in the forests of Bouchaoui, Bainem and Ben Aknoun, he said. said.

As part of the implementation of the contingency plan, the authorities mobilized 3 mobile teams composed of more than 130 forestry agents, reinforced by seasonal agents of rapid intervention who will work 24 hours a day to controlling fires, particularly in the western part of the capital, which accounts for 70% of the plant cover, like the Ben Aknoun "La Concorde Civile", "Bouchaoui" and "Bainem" forests.

He further stated that these 3 teams will have the necessary equipment for rapid response, such as 4 × 4 vehicles and tanker trucks to circumscribe fire fires.

Laras also reported that nearly 200,000 citizens have visited 20 forest sites, including 16 with various equipment, games, washrooms, kiosks and street lighting. like "Bouchaoui" (7000 visitors), "Bainem" (5000) and "Concorde" of Ben Aknoun.

According to the same official, forest visitors leave behind garbage that exceeds weekly the 200 bags (leftover food, boxes, and plastic bottles) that 20 agents collect.

In addition, the Forest Conservation of the Algiers wilaya works in cooperation with the services of the National Gendarmerie (GN), to deal with the behavior of some citizens who throw large quantities of waste throughout the forest tracks.


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