Algiers: Dismantling of a vast international network specialized in vehicle theft

Algeria – The suspects come from several nationalities. The judicial police in the district of Algiers dismantled a vast network of criminals.

This network, with international tentacles, specialized in the theft of vehicles and the falsification of the gray cards, reports this Tuesday, November 6 Radio Algeria.

Composed of thirty individuals, the group activated throughout the national territory. It was rendered impossible by coordinated action between the Algerian police and Interpol. At the end of this operation, 25 vehicles, all categories combined, were recovered.

"There are files that we have retrieved following an Interpol statement. Obviously, every vehicle stolen abroad is reported as Algeria is part of Interpol, "said Karim Kheddar, head of the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) of the central service of the judicial police of the wilaya Alger.

Some of the foreign suspects identified were in direct contact with officials in the wilayan People's Assemblies (WPAs) via their contacts based in Algeria, also reported Radio Algeria without giving further details.

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