all the means mobilized for the rehabilitation of schools

Algeria – The Minister of the Interior, local authorities, and planning, Noureddine Bedoui said Thursday in Algiers, the state "mobilized all human and material resources to the rehabilitation of schools before the next school year. "

Chaired a coordination meeting with ministry officials to inquire about the preparations for the next school year, Mr. Bedoui said that "the intersectoral commission in charge of the preparation of the new school year mobilized all the resources material and human to meet the challenge of the rehabilitation of schools before the next school year ", and to give the Algerian school" the place that suits him. "

On this occasion, the Minister reviewed a number of reports prepared by nearly 100 senior departmental officials (senior administrator rank), mobilized during this second inspection mission held last July and affecting all wilayas , which related to monitoring the rehabilitation of primary schools and its various facilities such as canteens, school transportation and heating.

Interior Minister says he will instruct walis to "move up a gear" on rehabilitation, citing another inspection mission by ministry officials "early September next "in order to inquire into the application of the instructions given for this purpose.

million. Bedoui instructed, as such, the ministry's cadres to ensure "daily monitoring in the field and prepare weekly reports on the development of rehabilitation operations," noting that the sector "has outlined short-term objectives and medium term, which must be achieved during the next school year. "

The Minister of the Interior, who noted a number of shortcomings, including the lack of school hygiene workers, school bus lines and canteen equipment, said that the decree Executive Committee on Public Service Delegations "to be promulgated soon" will have "positive effects on this aspect" and will stimulate "a new dynamic in cooperation between public and private operators".

"It is time to integrate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) specializing in catering, school transportation and hygiene," he added.

After listening to a presentation on the summer season, Mr. Bedoui said that "citizens are entitled to enjoy the beaches", calling, in this sense, "a rigorous application of the law on everyone" .

It should be noted that several measures have been taken in anticipation of the next school year, including the mobilization of 84,000 budget posts to ensure good management of primary schools, including 45,000 jobs for graduates of vocational training centers (catering, transport and maintenance) in addition to an additional quota for the benefit of the southern wilayas and the new wilayas delegated.

Also, 27 billion dinars were spent for the purchase of 3,500 school buses for all the municipalities of the country, including 600 buses will be available next September, in addition to the thaw of 15 billion dinars for surveillance and the maintenance of primary schools (50% of this amount will be used to equip the establishment in heating and air conditioning).

In addition to the 26 billion DA dedicated to the management of canteens, another envelope has been set aside to support the energy transition with a view to equipping the pilot schools, through the 48 wilayas, with equipment operating with energy renewable. It was also thawed 1,540 projects in the National Education sector including the realization and rehabilitation of primaries and canteens throughout the national territory.

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