Amira Bouraoui Calls Terrorists to Kill "Generals"?

Algeria – Is it a call to murder the generals? The famous Barakat activist in 2014, Amira Bouraoui, implicitly called on terrorist groups to kill the "cocaine generals" instead of attacking innocent soldiers.

In a comment posted on his Facebook page on Sunday night, Amira Bouraoui accuses terrorists of killing ordinary soldiers, instead of "doing something" against the "cocaine generals".

Fervent activist in the Barakat Movement in 2014, who rose to a fourth Bouteflika term, Amira Bouraoui believes that doing nothing against the "cocaine generals" does not fall under "Redjla" (virility).

By cocaine generals, the activist certainly refers to senior officials involved in the so-called "Kamel El-Bouchi" case, revealed by a record seizure of 701 kg of cocaine at the port of Oran.

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