An error in the name prevents two families from benefiting from housing

Algeria – An error in the name has prevented two families from benefiting from the social housing they deserve.

The lives of two families living in the slum area of ​​Bohayrat Etoyor in Skikda wilaya turned into a nightmare after being removed from the list of housing beneficiaries because of an error in their family name.

The homes of Brouri Salim and Yacine families were demolished by the authorities who eradicated their neighborhoods to relocate them to social housing, but unfortunately these two families could not benefit from them because of a mistake on their last name. They have, moreover, settled in precarious habitats and have suffered martyrdom for five (5) months.

The members of these two families call on the authorities to act and find a solution to their difficult situation which falls badly with the return to school, because their children will not be able to advance to studies under such circumstances.

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