An intelligent application for the "fair and transparent" distribution of jobs in the South

The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Mourad Zemali, reported Monday in Algiers, the launch "next" of a smart application guaranteeing the distribution "fair and transparent" jobs in the Great South.

"As a result of grievances from young people in the South on an unequal distribution of jobs, the Ministry of Labor has developed an employment strategy specific to these regions in order to scientifically address the problem of unemployment", announcing in this regard, "the forthcoming launch of an intelligent application at the level of the National Employment Agencies (ANEM) guaranteeing the fair and transparent distribution of jobs," said the Minister at the Forum of the chain I of the National Radio.

million. Zemali said, in this context, that "contacts exist between his department and the Ministry of Energy as well as with other sectors offering jobs to devote the highest rate to children in the South" , calling on young people in the region to "take training courses to create micro-enterprises, especially in the agricultural sector".

Recalling that the Great South benefited from 31,500 jobs during the first nine months of 2018 and the financing of 556 micro-enterprise projects ", he highlighted" the important benefits granted by the State to young people investors in these regions, citing tax exemption for 10 years. "

Referring to the issue of unemployment, the Minister put forward "the rate of 11.1% in April 2018, according to data from the National Office of Statistics (ONS) which is based on the standards of the International Labor Organization. Labor (ILO) ", stating that" this figure does not reflect the reality according to ANEM statistics. "

Affirming that the promotion of employment and the fight against unemployment "remain priorities for the Government", the Minister noted "a decrease in the unemployment rate compared to last year (11.7%) , pointing out a decline among men from "10.1% in 2017 to 9% in 2018 and from 20.5% to 19.5% among women".

The Minister explained that the Government "put on the initiative of young people through the creation of micro-enterprises as the best way to fight against unemployment," adding that the labor market "welcomes nearly half a year million university graduates and vocational training centers against 400,000 traditional placements or through aid schemes. "

In this regard, the Minister denied any activity freeze in the framework of employment assistance, stating that the Ministry of Labor "did not freeze investment activities but simply directed youth to unsaturated slots. "

He mentioned, in this sense, "the census of the capacities of each region to enhance its wealth by providing additional training to young people for the creation of microenterprises in the niches available in each region."

Addressing the financial imbalance at the level of the social security system and the deficit of 580 billion DA suffered by the National Pension Fund (CNR), Mr. Zemali cited several factors including the non-declaration to the National Fund of social insurance (CNAS). "There were 6.482.000 registered against 39.523.000 unreported enjoying the benefits of social security and the Chifa map, representing 43.21% of the active population."

Explaining again this deficit, the minister mentioned other reasons like the reimbursement of the drugs, whose amount rose in 2017 to 212 billion DA »and« the work stoppages, refunded by the CNAS, with 4,000,590 days during the first 4 months of the current year, or about 6 billion DA. "

Coming back to these recent press statements about the Chiffa map, Zemali said "they have been misinterpreted", saying that "the right to care is guaranteed by the Constitution and that taking into account The burden of diabetes and people with other chronic diseases is a state-guaranteed right in all circumstances and costs. "

The Minister of Labor announced, in this regard, the establishment of a working group with the health sector in order to put in place mechanisms allowing the census of citizens benefiting from the Chifa map, mentioning measures coercive with regard to the industrial beneficiaries

Regarding the definition of the list of hard professions, the Minister reported the establishment of a technical commission composed of experts in occupational medicine having held several meetings to determine the criteria for a painful work, adding that the commission "is still in the process of determining the criteria before contacting all the partners in drawing up the list of painful occupations".

Regarding the credits granted by the National Youth Employment Support Agency (ANSEJ), Mr Zemali reiterated that "the debt cancellation is not on the agenda", pheasant state of "85% refund rate."

"Beneficiaries who have been brought to court are the ones who tried to rip off the Agency by using funds for other purposes," he added.

In addition, the Minister welcomed the Stability and Development Pact signed between the Sonatrach Group and the National Federation of Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Workers (FNTPGC), stressing that "stability was the basis of all development. "

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