Analyzes confirm the potability of water

Algeria-The preliminary results of the analyzes carried out following the case of intoxications recorded since Saturday in the locality of Bougara (Blida), confirm the "potability" of the tap water, indicated Wednesday to the APS the director general of the ADE, Smaili Amirouche, evoking other avenues to explore in order to detect the origin of these intoxications.

The first person responsible for Algerian Water (ADE) does not rule out the consumption of fruits and vegetables that could be " irrigated with wastewater ", or that of the " Contamination " of wells and boreholes belonging to private individuals. " Especially since among the victims received at the hospital structures of this locality, some do not consume tap water ," he argued.

" The potability of tap water has already been confirmed by three analyzes carried out, separately, by three different laboratories: that of the Ministry of Health, the ADE of Blida and the central laboratory of ADE "he said, adding that the results of these analyzes all converge on the absence of bacteria in tap water. He pointed out, however, that there is another 24-hour analysis, which should be announced in the coming hours by the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health and the central ADE laboratory.

For this manager, all the hypotheses are plausible and focusing solely on the contamination of tap water may distract attention from the real sources of the problem. He recalled in this context the intoxication that occurred last summer in Ain Defla where there was suspicion of tap water but after the investigation, it turned out that it came from the pastry chef of the district. In this sense, the head of the ADE has indicated that his agency and the Ministry of Health do not rule out any hypothesis.

" Moreover, the laboratory of the Ministry of Health has since Tuesday sampled water on the boreholes and wells of individuals to ensure its quality ", he said. On the other hand, he said, if there is any real contamination of the drinking water, the EDA will systematically cut the water to clean and disinfect the power system before restarting it. . " Whenever we suspect a bad quality of the water, we cut the supply systematically, we do the rinsing, the cleaning of the networks and we proceed to the analysis ", he explained before ensuring that the ADE gives itself the time it takes to restore drinking water supply in order to avoid the risks .

As a reminder, more than 400 cases of intoxication were recorded during the last three days in Bougara, this town located about thirty kilometers east of Blida. Contaminated citizens hosted in hospital structures had similar symptoms: abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. But there was no hospitalization, says the director of the ADE. To recall, the officials of the wilaya of Blida have installed a crisis unit the same day chaired by the interim wali.

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