"Anis Rahmani has the right to defend himself" (Video)

Algeria – The French-language daily L'Expression, founded by journalist Ahmed Fattani, yesterday celebrated its 18th anniversary.

Questioned by Ennahar TV on the occasion, Ahmed Fattani, one of the most beautiful journalistic feathers in Algeria, returned to the career of Anis Rahmani, CEO of Media Group Ennahar, who is for him a long-time friend date.

For Mr. Fattani, Anis Rahmani is "one of the greatest Arabic-speaking journalists by his skill, his activity and his motivation."

Referring to current issues, Ahmed Fattani said that it is Anis Rahmani's right to defend himself when he is attacked. "It is the legitimacy of defense, it exists for all citizens, including journalists," argues Mr. Fattani and add: "Personally, when attacked I defend myself. I do not defend myself with a Kalashnikov but with a pen. "

شارك هاذا المقال !

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