Anis Rahmani: "If I had paid, I would have been spared"

Algeria – Speaking on Friday, the director of the media group Ennahar returned to the lawsuit against Abderrahmane Semmar, said Abdou Semmar, director of Algeria Part

From the outset, Anis Rahmani wanted to express his position following the judge's decision to temporarily release Abdou Semmar and Merouane Boudiab. In this regard, the boss of the first Algerian media group showed his total confidence in the decision of the court. "I welcomed the decision," he said.

In this sense, Anis Rahmani said to be the victim of attacks by a "minority" that does not want any property to Algeria. This minority, according to him, uses every scabrous means to reach their end; to "destabilize the country". "Algerians can travel safely today from Maghnia (Tlemcen) to Dréan (El Tarf)," he said. And to point out "this stability disturbs states (foreigners), but especially parties established here in Algeria."

Those parties present in all institutions and state administration, as stated by the director of Ennahar, use figures of prow for purposes of blackmail. Objective: to ransom and target specific people to whom they are trying to extract large sums of money.

On it Anis Rahmani is unequivocal. "If I had paid, I would have been spared," he lamented.

Addressing the cabal Ennahar point by point, the boss of the group challenged anyone to prove that he squandered any "public" dinar. "I did not work for a second in the public sector, I challenge anyone to prove that I typed in the box," he charged.

Finally, the director of Ennahar has returned to the harassment suffered by several journalists of the media, including those of the television channel (Ennahar Tv). "If they went to work for another chain, everything would stop," he said.

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