As prices fall in the world, in Algeria, they explode!

Algeria – In the absence of effective regulation, including taxation, traders find no reason to review their profit margins. Between a large margin, or a small, since there are no stakes, they choose "the great"!

"As long as the traders will not be taxed proportionately to the prices they post, why would he lower his margins?"

This is what entrusts ALG24, Mourad, accountant, in a Cabinet of Expertise in the center of Algiers. He responded to the alarming report that affects commercial practice in Algeria, which has lost all ethics, even logic and common sense.

Thus, while food products show declines in all World Markets, this does not seem to have any effect on the local market. Encouraged by the lack of stakes, whether in penalty or bonus, traders continue to bleed, especially small income.

A record drop in food prices around the world!

According to the FAO index, world prices for staple foods have fallen sharply.

In July, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) food price index averaged 168.8 points. Or a decline of 3.7% compared to June. It marks its lowest level since last year, FAO said recently in a statement.

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